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Manage Leon Account

This page is available to users with Admin privileges only.

Subscription plan

In the tab Subscription plan admins can find details about the subscription: Subscription plan, Terms of Service, pricing and the dates of subscription.


In the tab Payment, the administrator can enter billing information (which will be included in the monthly invoice) and credit card details for monthly payments. Providing those details is mandatory before the first subscription. Payment details can be edited at any point by any admin by using the option 'Edit' or 'Update' available in both sections.

Monthly fee

The tab Monthly fee specifies particular operations that make up the total price in a given month selected in the drop-down, including the aircraft activity period. This is the information that each invoice is based on.

Billing history

In the tab Billing history you can view the current balance of your account, and the type of each payment as well as download each invoice beginning since April 2016.

Security incident contact

In the tab Security incident contact the administrator can enter the contact details of the person responsible for data protection, to be used in case of security incident occurrence. The data includes the name of that person, company name, e-mail address and phone number.

By default, application administrator data entered in the Payment tab is used.

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