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 ===== Files upload history ===== ===== Files upload history =====
 +You can now access the **history** of uploaded files in a section MX > Fleet Documents by clicking on the <​html><​span style="​color:​blue;​font-size:​100%;">​History</​span></​html>​ link. 
 +A pop-up window will open with the historical details of uploaded files containing the following information:​
 +  * **Person that made the changes**
 +  * **Time and date when the changes were made (in UTC)**
 +  * **Status of changes made to the file:**
 +    * {{:​leon:​endorsements:​E-history3.png?​nolink|}} - new file uploaded
 +    * {{:​leon:​endorsements:​E-history4.png?​nolink|}} - no changes made to the file
 +    * {{:​leon:​endorsements:​E-history2.png?​nolink|}} - file deleted
 +Clicking on the file name within the status (e.g.{{:​leon:​endorsements:​E-history2.png?​nolink|}}) will open this file. This includes **deleted files** as they'​re stored on Leon servers. ​
 +If you enabled the opening of attachments in a separate tab of your browser, please make sure that you enabled pop-up windows.
 +<​box>​**IMPORTANT!!! The history of uploaded files applies as off '​NOW'​. It doesn'​t apply to the files uploaded in the past.**</​box>​
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