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Leon Outbox report

Leon Outbox Report allows you to view details of any notifications that were sent from Leon. This is very helpful when a notification email did not arrive and you would like to check if it was actually sent.

There are many filtering options in this report, such as:

  • Date - option to search by a specific date.
  • Login - view emails sent by a specific login.
  • Category - you can choose “All” to view all the emails sent. You can also filter by one category from the list including Endorsement Notifications, Flight Document, FTL Notifications, Duty Notifications, etc.
  • Emails - 5 columns allowing you to filter by “From”, “To”, “CC”, “BCC”, and “Reply to” email.

When you click on a listed item Leon will open a pop-up window with sent email content. In a screenshot below you can see an example of such pop-up with a content from Notification email.

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