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This module is one of the most helpful tools in Leon when it comes to managing the application. It allows you to manage permissions of particular groups of users in the system. In other words - by managing section Privileges you decide what Leon users can see or edit/change in the system. For example, if you don't want your crew to see each other's duties - that's where you set it up.

Creating a new group & adding members

Editing the 'Privileges' group

When you open this page you can find default groups of users. You can stick to these groups but you can also add new groups and give them names.

Group All users is a specific group, which can not be deleted. Every new-added user belongs to this group by default. All other groups can be deleted by administrator of Leon if necessary.

By clicking new you can create a new group. Add a name, save it and click on it again to add new members. As you can see, there are 2 windows:

  • Not a member - The list of all available users.
  • Member - The window is blank as no members have been added yet.

Drag a member from the list of users and drop to the 'Members' window. Once it's saved you will notice, that the white plus has appeared next to the group-name - that's when a group has at least 1 member. If you want to limit access to Leon so that the members of the new group don't see all aircraft flights, go to tab 'Aircraft', click on the white plus and untick aircraft that should not appear on the screen of users.

Tab 'Privileges'

Privileges setting

This tab is the place where you can change the way the user will see their application. Here you can modify the view of sections, editing of pages, etc.

On the left-hand side you can see sections where you can make changes - they pretty much mirror sections placed on the main belt in Leon. All of them have sub-sections that can be expanded by clicking the white-plus icon. Three main columns of check-boxes with icons above them have different meaning in privileges setting.

  • Column eye.png - When a check-box is ticked, the group of users is only able to see selected resources.
  • Column edit.png - Users are able to edit resources.
  • Column personal.png - Personal only - user will be able to see and/or edit data of specified resource only if it refers to themselves.
'Personal only' setting can be useful if i.e. if you want to restrict the pilots' ability to generate work-time reports of their colleagues, you should select see only and personal only check box next to the 'Work time' report.

There are 5 different states of check-boxes:

  • bialy.png - Privilege is turned OFF and its state will not be inherited from the parent item.
  • bialy_zielony.png - Privilege is turned ON and its state will not change when parent item's state changes.
  • szary.png - Privilege is turned OFF and its state will be inherited from parent item.
  • szry_czarny.png - Privilege is turned ON and its state is inherited from parent item and still depends on it.
  • bialy_ramka.png - Means that this item has a sub-section set manually and differs from default setting.

Section 'Menu'

Privileges > Menu - possibility to hide sections in Leon menu bar

This section is different to the other ones. The main difference is that here you only decide if an user may or may not see the menu items.

If you don't want your crew to have an access i.e. to a section SALES you should open Menu and untick checkboxes as displayed in the screenshot on the right. If only some sub-sections should be hidden, i.e. Quotations and Aircraft Reservations, you should unmark those checkboxes only (see a screenshot below).

privileges menu 2.jpg

Tab 'Manual'

Uploading 'Manual' files

It is possible to add 'Manual' files to particular groups of users, which can be open in the profile page.

Edit the group of users, to which you wish to add 'Manual' file. Click on the tab 'Manual' and upload the file, then save.

Uploaded file will be visible to all users assigned to that group in their profile - section 'Manual list'.

Useful Information

  • It is useful to know that if you hold a mouse cursor over a selected item on privileges list, a tool-tip with a short description of this item will appear showing from which group a given privilege was inherited.
  • In regards to many options available in the Admin module we recommend creating a test user/group and experiment with the privileges settings. It is the safest way to familiarise with the entire module.
  • Tab 'Operators' can be used for configuring which aircraft is available for the selected group of users. By clicking the '+' icon you can expand the list of fleet and by unticking particular boxes you can limit the view in Leon.
  • Ticking all 3 columns means, that the user can see and edit resources, but only his personal ones. We recommend this setting i.e. in sub-section 'Endorsements', where crew can upload their own documents: licences, passports, etc. Another place where you can set 'see/edit personal only' is in Crew-Duty Roster-Requests. The crew, by going to Crew Duties screen, can request days off or medical leave, etc. Duties will appear in brackets and will need to be confirmed by admin by clicking on them and re-assigning them, just like a normal duties input.


Each user can belong to unlimited number of groups. Wider privileges granted by belonging to some group have priority over those more restricted, configured for other group, while the same user belongs to both groups simultaneously. In other words, if someone belongs to group 'Sales' which does not have privileges to edit flights and also belongs to group 'OPS', which allows its users editing flights, then this person will be able to edit flights in Leon.
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