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Quotation settings

Sending sales documents to clients
Email title tags

This section offers you useful options that can be used in contacting with clients or brokers you deal with.

You can define available options, such as:

  • Sending quotations to Avinode options - add this option to send quotations from Leon to Avinode (visit section Quotations for more information). You can choose between sending simple quote, detailed quote or not sending it at all.
  • Send messages about aircraft movements to clients - tick box 'Enable' so that you can start using this option. For more details please see Flight Watch.
  • Flight Brief - fill in email fields along with the content, which will be used when sending out 'Flight Brief'.
  • Charter Agreement/Flight Quotations - these documents can be added optionally by Leon Software - if you wish to have them please contact

A field 'Email subject' contains what is later displayed on the subject of the quotation documents email.

I.e.: quotation templates.jpg

  • [ADEP_IATA] - airport of departure IATA code.
  • [ADEP_NAME] - airport of departure name.
  • [ADES_IATA] - airport of destination IATA code.
  • [ADES_NAME] - airport of destaination name.
  • [TRIP_NO] - trip number.
  • [DATE] - trip date.

When the documents are sent out, the 'Email subject' text turns to:

email text.jpg

To send Sales documents to a client, create a quotation (right-hand filter, tab TRIP) in a section OPS, then after saving it right-click with the mouse on the flight and select appropriate document to be sent out.

It is possible to upload 1 or more files for each document - they will be sent out along with the selected document from a section OPS.
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