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Old Quotations

In Leon you can create Quotations based on different price lists for different clients. Leon is connected with Avinode, so you can also import broker quotes from Avinode, change them according to your needs and send them back to Avinode (read more about Avinode here).

If you have the integration set up between your operator, Avinode and Leon, you can send detailed quotes (with all details of the general price) by choosing Send detailed Quote option in Quotation Email Templates section.

Price List

In the 'Price List' you can define default price list for each of your aircraft or make separate price lists for brokers or individual clients. You can create as many price lists as it is necessary.

Defining a price list

Go to Sales > Old Quotations > Price List screen. On the left you can see the list of aircraft. By clicking on aircraft registration number you can get a price list defined for this aircraft. Select currency and insert appropriate fees:

  • Starting Fee - an initial fee for any flight.
  • Ferry Flight (1h) - a fee for each hour of the flight without passengers.
  • Pax Flight (1h) - a fee for each hour of the flight with passengers on board.
  • Crew Hotel Fee - average cost of a hotel for the crew.
  • Discount - from which hour of the flight with passengers on board there is a concession and what is its percentage rate (this field is not mandatory).
  • Airport Service Details - because fees such as: Landing fee, Pax fee and Parking fee may vary from airport to airport, you can add individual fees for particular airports. 'Default' fees will apply to all airports not inserted specifically.

You can also copy any price list from an aircraft and save it as a particular client/broker price list. You can edit that new price list and manually adjust it.

Using quotations

To use quotations the first step is adding a new flight and generating quotation number, which can be done ONLY from Calendar page.

Click on the selected square and in the new window start adding the flight details (if you are not familiar with this see this chapter for more information). Once all flight details have been added, including passengers (which also affects the price), you may indicate the flight status as Option (in the drop-down box on top of the window) and whenever the client confirms it, you can change the status to Flight.

The Quotation number can be either generated automatically by Leon, or created manually by the user.

When the status of the added flight is changed to Quotation and submited the actual flight will disappear from the Calendar screen. Expand the filter and change 'Display only' to quotation to view it.

Quotations added manually in the system have Leon logo next to the flight details and appear on white. Quotations downloaded from Avinode have Avinode logo on green background.

If you want to be fully integrated with Avinode, we can add a button Avinode Download to be available in the filter (bottom) of the Calendar screen, when displaying is changed to only Quotations. This option allows to accept or decline a quote. There is also an additional tab added to page Quotation: Avinode quote where the pricing details are displayed along with the details of a person who requested the quotation. If you wish to have this module turned on please contact

Quotations indications in Leon are as follow:

  • Quotation added manually in Leon


  • Quotation downloaded from Avinode (white colour - response sent)


  • Quotation downloaded from Avinode (green colour - response not sent)


Canceled quotations

It is also possible to view canceled quotations by changing in the filter Display only drop-down box to 'canceled quotations'

You can re-store canceled quotation by clicking an icon restoring.png right next to the price.

Pricing section

Quotations - the general view on legs & the pricing

When you edit the quotation and go to tab 'Quotation' you will get a screen with 3 columns:

  1. Quotation summary - you can select 'Sales Supervisor' from the list of Leon users, 'Client' (previously added in the Phonebook) plus 'Price List'. A field 'Notif. email' can be used for sending out movement messages (more details here).
  2. Quotations legs - shows the schedule along with the block time.
  3. Pricing - all fees which have been previously defined on the 'Price List' page. You can add here either extran fee or extra discount if necessary.


  • Flight Brief - a document that includes information about the flight, like: schedule, aircraft details, crew details, handling agents and passengers details (go to this section for more information about 'Flight Brief'). Leon keeps the history of all flight briefs sent - right after sending it, a date with the exact hour will be displayed along with the link to download the archived document.
Optionally, it is possible to add 2 additional documents to tab 'Docs': 'Charter Contract' and a 'Flight Quotation' (please contact if you want these documents to be implemented).
  • Charter Contract - this document can be sent to the client with all quotation details: the number, date of a trip, schedule, crew, handling details along with the price.
  • Flight Quotation - a similar document to Charter Contract - contains information about the trip: the cost, trip details, terms & conditions, signature space, etc…
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