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-====== Headline ======+====== Crew Block Time ======
 +[{{ :leon:reports:crew block time.png?200|Report 'Crew block time' - including previous operators flying hours done by pilots}}] 
 +Crew block time is displayed for cockpit crew (cabin crew can be included if marked in the filter) and it appears per __aircraft__ and per __functions__. 
 +The report also shows **Experience time** - pilot's experience before joining a current operator, which can be input in the user's profile (as long as it has been enabled in a section 'General Settings'.
 +You can select in the filter options such as: Person, show cabin & other positions (i.e. FM), show time on acft type, include the whole experience and all flights, show SIM flights and **data source**. 
 +It is also possible to export data to PDF and/or Excel file.
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