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Crew Currency

Report 'Crew Currency' - crew currency overview

This report gives an overview of crew currencies and helps to manage validity of any currency for each pilot.

It provides information such as:

  • Last/first name
  • Aircraft type - for which the currency applies.
  • Dates of take offs / landings - split into 3 separate columns, where dates are displayed.
  • Expires - the expiry date including colour codes.

The colours suggest number of days before the currency expires:

  • Red - Currency expired
  • Orange - 30 days or less left to on vailidity
  • Green - Currency is valid

It is possible to filter by:

  • Aircraft Type
  • Person
  • Crew Currency - this section is divided to currencies 'activated' and 'non-activated' for one operator.

This report can be exported to Excel file.

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