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Custom Flights List

Report 'Custom Flights List' - wide range of data displaying possibilities

With this report you can generate various kind of data. You decide yourself what details should get displayed on the screen.

In the filter, apart from period of time, you can select data source. If you select Journey Logs only, the range of columns is wider. You can include flights with incompleted Journey Logs (without fuel data added). Section Columns is particularly useful as here is where you can mark checkboxes, which means columns that should appear in the report.

You can also filter by Commercial Type which displays either Commercial or Non-commercial flights, or both.

You can also generate a report for flights, positionings or office duties only, if you select checkboxes in the section Activity type.

In the lower part of the filter you can navigate with the data - narrowing it down or expanding - there are fields available such as i.e. Country where you can select flights to be displayed from/to a particular country, or Flight No. to get only flights with the same number.

At the bottom of the screen there is always a Summary table displayed with minimum (MIN), maximum (MAX) and average (AVG) data: block time, flight time, PAX details, Max FL or Fuel.

'Taxi in' and 'Taxi out' columns

'Taxi in' and 'Taxi out' columns

'Taxi in' and 'Taxi out' columns can be activated by ticking the relevant checkboxes in the 'Columns' part of the filter.

These columns are:

  1. Taxi out - calculation based on T/O minus BLOFF.
  2. Taxi in - calculation based on BLON minus LND.

These calculations are based solely on Journey Log entries. In order to display any values in the columns you need to select 'Journey Log only' as Data Source in the filter.

We have also added Average Taxi in and Taxi out values in the 'Summary' section. The average value calculations are based on a summary of Taxi in/out times devided by the number of flights in any given period (search criteria in the filter).

You can search for the following Taxi in/out values:

  • ADEP and ADES - if you insert airport code in the Airport field in standard mode Leon will search Taxi in and Taxi out for this one airport
  • ADEP - if you switch to 'toggle mode' and search by ADEP
  • ADES - if you switch to 'toggle mode' and search by ADES
  • Route - if you search for a specific route in 'toggle mode' in the filter
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