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Delays / On time

Flights do get delayed from time to time. Whether it's because of technical problems with the aircraft, documentation issues or check-in error - OPS department need to record it in flight documents.

In Leon you can add a delay code to your Journey Log (having turned the option on in Settings > Flight Editing).

Then you can generate a report which shows all delayed flights in a selected period of time in the filter. Also in the filter you can insert airport code (click 'more' to add both ADEP & ADES codes), select the lenght of the delay, search by a particular delay code or delay mode.

The report is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Total - all legs with Journey Log, delays under 15 min, delays over 15 min, legs on time.
  2. By aircraft - separate verses represent tails.
  3. By route - data divided into delayed routes.
  4. Delay codes - all delay codes inserted to Journey Logs.
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