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FTL Sheet

FTL Sheet report - all flights & other duties along with FTL calculations

This report generates information about all duties: flights, repositionings, office or standby duties, as well as days off assigned in the section Crew > Duties.

The report is divided into 2 parts:

  • duty information: date, type, FTL day off, start/end, split times (if used), rest facility type, rest lenght, day off, early/late/night duty, flying hours, sectors, duty & fdp times, take off & landing number.
  • cumulative information: FDP extensions, duty time, block hours, days off, rest - all displayed in separate columns. Any fdp/duty/restFDP violation violation is highlighted in red.

In the filter you can switch to the Alternative cumulative figures calculations - if this checkbox is ticked, Cumulative duty and Block times are calculated back from the end of the day with no duty, rather than from the end of a previous day.

For example, if the crew is off duty on 10-08-2019, according to the alternative option the period included in the calculation would fall between the end of day on 10-08-2019 and the beginning of 04-08-2019. The standard calculation is more restrictive and calculates the period between 09-08-2019 and 03-08-2019. This checkbox only affects days with no duties assigned. Days, where the duty is assigned are still calculated from the end of the duty time.

It is possible to view block hours per sector. Mark Show block times checkbox in the filter and the column will appear in the report. The data will be displayed in the following format: hh:mm - hh:mm.

Another option which can be turned on in the filter is Highlighting reduced rest - Leon will show such cases in orange.

Values such as 'Rest before duty - Min' or 'FDP - Max' are explained when you hover the mouse over the value (see below).

FTL explanation 1.jpg

The same can be done to check cumulative 'Duty time' or 'Block time'.

cumulative info.png

Hover the mouse over Duty time column value to find out what part of the duty time has been included into Cumulative Duty calculation (i.e. some Standby duty types have 50% or 25% of STB duty lenght included).

FTL explanation 3.jpg

FTL cumulative values warning

Leon can also show cumulative duty or block time values warnings in yellow as a certain number of hours before the limit (see screenshot on the right). It can be 3, 5 or 10 hours - it is up to you. If you want this option to be enabled, please email Leon Support team: and we will set it up for you.

If in the column Rest you see an infinity icon '∞' it means that a crew member has no flights or duties assigned

Exporting selected crew to PDF

It is possible to generate FTL Sheet for selected crew members.

Crew selection window for FTL Sheet PDF

The process is as follow:

  1. Choose the timeframe for which you would like to generate the report
  2. Click on Generate PDF for multiple crew members link located in the filter
  3. In the 'Generate PDF' window insert email address in the 'Recipients' window and select the crewmembers for which you would like to generate the report. It is possible to insert the multiple emails separated by the comma
  4. Press 'SEND' button
  5. You will see a window with the confirmation that the report is being generated and will be sent to selected email addresses. Depending on the number of chosen crewmembers it might take several minutes. Press 'OK' to confirm
  6. PDF with the FTL Sheet Reports for the selected crew is available in the INBOX

Commander's Discretion

If maximum allowed FDP is exceeded, in some situations there is a possibility of using Commanders Discretion. To indicate it in Leon you simply mark 'Discretion' checkbox in JL.

CD below 1 hour default Discretion
CD over 1 hour default Discretion

We have implemented following changes to Commanders Discretion:

  1. 'Discretion' timeframe has been set to 1 hour by default
  2. Using 'Discretion' checkbox automatically extends Max FDP by 1h. This is explained in the tooltip when hovering the mouse over teh Max FDP value in the FTL reports
  3. CD below 1 hour will not be highlighted as a violation in the FTL reports but it will show in the FTL violations report (not highlighted).
  4. CD below 1 hour will not be highlighted in the SCHEDULE view and FTL Calculations section in CREW tab
  5. CD over 1 hour will be highlighted red in the FTL reports and CD column will indicate max allowed Discretion (1 hour) rather than the actual Discretion
It is possible to apply the previous version of 'Commanders Discretion' functionality where it was considered as a violation. For more information please contact Leon Support at
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