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FTL Violations

Report 'FTL Violations' - all FTL exceedances are indicated in red

This report shows all FDP, Duty, Rest violations along with Cumulative duty or Block time violations in a selected period of time in the filter.

In the filter you can select available options:

  • Position type - select between cockpit & cabin.
  • AOC - can be used by the operators with more than 1 AOC rule applied in the FTL Settings. Allows filtering the report by specific AOC
  • Show block times - a new column will show crew block times in FROM-TO format (i.e. 12:00 - 15:40).
  • Deleted trips - displaying deleted trips in the report.
  • Report status - Leon will show a checkbox 'Report received' to be marked (click 'Submit' once it's marked).
  • Include CD - Leon will show 'Commander's Discretion' column with the max FDP extension due to CD marked in the Journey Log.
  • Show violations on empty days - showing Days off violations on days without duties.
  • Show airport codes - selection between ICAO & IATA codes.
  • Rest column - Leon can show either 'Rest before duty' or 'Rest after duty'.
  • Highlight reduced rest - rest reduction cases will be highlighted in yellow (see screenshot below). If the checkbox is unticked, reduced rest records will not show in the report

  • Highlight FDP extension - FDP+ cases will be highlighted in yellow. If the checkbox is unticked, FDP+ records will not show in the report
  • Registration - filtering by the aircraft registration assigned to the FDP
Example of approved FTL violation
  • Approved - checkbox that allows indicating if the violation was approved (as a Commander's Discretion)
  • Violation note - field to insert the reason for violation or information about the approval of Commander's Discretion. Once inserted, it appears in the OPS section in the CREW tab > FTL Calculations subsection. Example in the screenshot on the right

You can export this report data to PDF or Excel format.

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