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International & Domestic Flights

Breakdown of international and domenstic flights in a selected period of time

This report allows to have a list of domestic and international flights in various combinations, in a given time period. You can filter the data by various factors. Available combinations of the filter are as follows:

  • Traffic: *; Country: * - all flights visible
  • Traffic: domestic; Country: * - all flights in a single (any) country
  • Traffic: domestic; Country: Poland - all flights taking place in selected country only (in this example - Poland)
  • Traffic: international; Country: * - flights where ADEP is in a different country than ADES
  • Traffic: international; Country: Poland - flights where ADEP is in a different country than ADES and one of the airports is in the selected country (in this example - Poland)
  • Traffic: *; Country: Poland - all flights where either airport belongs to the selected country

When you hover the mouse over the route, a tooltip with a full trip will show given the other legs in the trip do not meet the filter criteria.

The report includes both confirmed and not confirmed flights.

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