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 +====== Pax by Route ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​reports:​pax by route.png?​300|Report 'Pax by Route' - the number of passengers (including children and infants) who flown to particular destinations}}]
 +This report generates **Passengers** data, such as:
 +  * **Total number of pax flying in a given period of time**
 +  * **Number of children and infants**
 +  * **Max number of pax - capacity of the aircraft (inserted in 'Fleet Edit' section)**
 +  * **Number of flights to a particular airport**
 +  * **Load factor - the ratio of pax on board to capacity**
 +  * **Pax + children / flight - the ratio of pax + children to the number of flights**
 +The screen is divided in **2**sections:​ **Departure** and **Arrival**
 +In the **filter** you can select period of time, including days of the week. A particular airport (for both: departure and arrival) and data source (Plan only, Available or Journey Logs only) can be selected as well.
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