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Flights by Crew Member

Report 'Flights by crew Member' - crew flights & other duties

With this report you can generate a list of all flights performed by a particular crew member in a selected period of time. Apart from flights details, such as: Date, Acft type, Acft reg, Flight no. - this report also shows useful data: Block time, Flight time, Duty time Night time, number of landings, COM surname and FDP time.

In the filter you also have a Timezone option which allows you to switch between UTC, LT, Base Time and Selected Person Base Time

Below the list of flights you can find a summary table where total block time, CMT and the currency is split per aircraft type and the flown position.

In the filter you can mark additional checkboxes, such as: flights as OBS, positionings, options or particular trip type. It is also possible to export all crew flights to pdf.

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