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Flights by Crew Member

Report 'Flights by crew Member' - crew flights & other duties

With this report you can generate a list of all flights performed by a particular crew member in a selected period of time. Apart from flights details, such as: Date, Acft type, Acft reg, Flight no. - this report also shows useful data: Block time, Flight time, Duty time Night time, number of landings, COM surname and FDP time.

In the filter you also have a Timezone option which allows you to switch between UTC, LT, Base Time and Selected Person Base Time

Below the list of flights you can find a summary table where total block time, CMT and the currency is split per aircraft type and the flown position.

In the filter you can mark additional checkboxes, such as: flights as OBS, positionings, options or particular trip type. It is also possible to export all crew flights to pdf.

Calculations in this report are based on the FTLs rather than on a flight-by-flight basis therefore, if there is an overlap of flights the amount of time that is overlapping will not be included in the report. For example, BLON is 13:00 and BLOFF of the following flight is 12:50 - the flights are overlapping by 00:10 and this amount will be excluded from the totals in the report.
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