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Roster Robustness

Report 'Roster Robustness' - duty roster & flight changes

This report is available in section Reports > Crew > Roster Robustness. It allows to monitor a number of rostered duty & flights changes which can be a contributory factor to crew fatigue. This report has been added following the EU OPS requirements introduced in February 2016.

In the filter you can select a period of time 'From' - 'To' or select a month. You can also define Publish date - by setting it you can check the number of changes made in the roster from that particular date 14 days ahead.

Data source checkboxes allow to see changes made in both: roster duties & flights.

If you hover the mouse over the number Leon will display the tooltip with the details of made changes.


The changes in the roster & flights are not triggered if made within 5 minutes from the last update. Duty roster changes made in the Plan Mode are single-counted - one publication of many duty additions/changes DOES NOT mean one roster change in the report
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