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-====== Salary by Aircraft ====== 
-[{{ :​leon:​reports:​acft salary.png?​300|Report '​Salary by Aircraft'​ - commercial time done by a particular crew member}}] 
-This report is similar to 'Block Time by Function'​ - it shows salary calculated by the **CMT** (Commercial Time) inserted to **Journey Logs**, but per an individual crew member selected in the filter. 
-If your Journey Log does not have a field CMT, you can add it in Admin > Operator Settings > Flight Editing screen (mark the checkbox and save). 
-On the report you can see **2** tables: 
-  - Shows: aircraft registration,​ position flown on the aircraft, OFP time (CMT time from Journey Log), Gain time (CMTminus (ATA minus ATD)), number of per diems (start at homebase, end at homebase). 
-  - OFP & Gain times along with the total salary. 
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