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Report 'Schedule' - the view on flights with additional pax information from Legs Info section

This report shows all flights (including options) exactly as they have been added to the section Flights List.

Aircraft colours also correspond with those defined in Settings > Fleet page (click an aircraft to edit its details).

Apart from details such as date, aircraft registration, route, departure & arrival times (in LT) - the report also shows information input in Legs Info screen: pax transport for ADEP & ADES and Trip Supplementary Info.

It is possible that the report will display 2 tables - one under another. This is due to the use of ACMI aircraft and flights with an unassigned aircraft. The first table displays the flights on an aircraft selected in the filter. The second, bottom, table displays the flights on an ACMI aircraft (regardless of whether the aircraft was selected in the filter) and the flights with aircraft not assigned.

You can export data to PDF or Excel file.

In the filter you can find an option in the filter to show or hide scheduled maintenance.

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