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 ---- ----
 +==== 'Edit Template'​ function ====
 +[{{ :​leon:​report-wizard:​Edit template HTML.png?​200|Edited version of the report}}]
 +'Edit template'​ function allows editing the report in HTML and creating an alternative and more complex version of the same report including options such as:
 +  * changing the headers in the report
 +  * highlighting data
 +  * sorting the report according to aircraft flights
 +  * implementing charts
 +  * and many more
 +In order to access the HTML version of the report you need to:
 +  - Edit an existing report or create a new one
 +  - Click on {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​Edit Template2.png?​nolink|}} icon located in the top-left corner of the report
 +The edited view is divided into 3 sections:
 +  - **Editing** - left-hand site section where you can amend the report using HTML (in tabs HEADER, BODY and FOOTER) and CSS (in tab CSS)
 +  - **Preview** - the middle part where you can preview the amended report in either HTML or PDF version
 +  - **Data and Settings** - right-hand panel. In the '​DATA'​ tab you can select the data range in the report as well as access the '​Available data' source to use in the editing section. In '​SETTINGS'​ you can amend the design options including margins and page orientation
 ==== Personal reports ==== ==== Personal reports ====
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 Use the icon {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​columns changer.png|}} in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns). Use the icon {{:​leon:​report-wizard:​columns changer.png|}} in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns).
 +[{{ :​leon:​report-wizard:​Currency Converter Filter.png?​200|Currency Converter Filter}}]
 +=== Currency Converter filter in scope INVOICES ===
 +We have added '​Currency converter'​ filter in the scope INVOICES. ​
 +This filter allows converting the amount displayed in the 'Total Gross' column from the currency selected in '​General Settings'​ > '​Default currency (Price List)' to any other selected currency. ​
 +The conversion rate is the rate of National Bank of Poland on the date of invoice
 ---- ----
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