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'Sales Module' in 'General settings'

Sales Module tab is available in Admin Panel > General Settings section.

This section is directly connected to the quotation process performed in the 'Requests/Quotes'.

There are the following subsections available in the 'Sales Module' section:

  • Default notes
  • Default email recipient for invoices
  • Exclusion zones
  • Country VAT

Default notes

'Default notes'

Default notes subsection allows inserting:

  • Default Legal Note
  • Default Cancellation Policy

Once the notes are added in this subsection, they will appear in the quote edit > Notes tab in the 'LEGAL NOTE' and the 'CANCELLATION POLICY' fields respectively.

Additionally, the notes can be included in the sales documents, if applied in the Documents Manager for specific document.

Default email recipient for invoices

'Default email recipient for invoices'

Default email recipient for invoices can be used when, rather than sending invoice email to the Client, the email is sent to the internal department (e.g. Accountancy) for checks, and then the internal department sends it to the Client.

If the default email is set in this section, it will automatically populate as TO email when selecting the INVOICE option in the quote editing page.

Exclusion zones

'Exclusion zones'

Exclusion zones are countries over which the aircraft should not be flying.

Once the exclusion zones are selected, the flight time calculations that apply to Aviapages and ReouteFinder in Request/Quotes panel > Edit quote ('Calculate Flight Time' option) will take these zones into consideration and omit the selected countries.

Exclusion zones indicated in this section will apply per operator.

There are 2 additional options available in the 'Fleet' section (per aircraft) and the Client profile (per Client).

Country VAT

Country VAT

In Country VAT it is possible to select the default VAT rate for a specific country

Example of default VAT rate application

Once the list of rates is created, it then applies the default rate to the request in the 'Requests/Quotes' section based on the following criteria:

  • it has to be a domestic flight and within the listed country
  • it has to be a passenger flight

The default VAT rate will be presented in the VAT box in the quote/edit section, as per the screenshot on the right.

The default VAT rates also apply to the requests coming from Avinode.

Invoices & Credit notes

In this section, you can set up a default 'Due date' for the Quote Invoice.

The setting consists of 2 fields:

  1. Input with the number of days
  2. Dropdown with the following options:
    • after issue date - number of days after the invoice issue date
    • after invoice date - number of days after the invoice date
    • before flight - number of days before the first flight within the request

As you can see in the example below, the Invoice due date was set to 7 days after the invoice date:

By default, the 'Due date' is set to 10 days after issue date. This setting also applies to 'Credit Notes'

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