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 ===== SHOW IN OPS ===== ===== SHOW IN OPS =====
 +[{{ :​leon:​sched:​Show in OPS.png?​200|'​Show in OPS' option}}]
 +{{:​leon:​sched:​Icon - Show in OPS.png?​nolink|}} button becomes available only upon selecting published flight or a number of flights from one pairing.
 +Once you selected the flight(s) and clicked on the {{:​leon:​sched:​Icon - Show in OPS.png?​nolink|}} button, you will be transferred to OPS > TABLE view, and the pairing will be edited.
 +It also is possible to move back from the OPS view to SCHED as long as the flight selected in OPS views was added in SCHED. ​
 +Simply select the flight originally added in SCHED. {{:​leon:​sched:​Icon - Show in SCHED.png?​nolink|}} button will appear. Clicking on it will transfer you to SCHED view, where the flight will be selected. This will happen for flights with either virtual or non-virtual aircraft assigned.
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