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Schedule Export & Import


Integarting Leon with Avinode is a very useful feature. It makes all your flights available to brokers worldwide.

Schedule Export to Avinode


First step the export aircraft availability is integrating Leon with Avinode. This process is explained here.

If you want to receive messages after each export of flights to Avinode, type your code or first letters of your name in the field Recipients.

Once all has been set up tick aircraft of which flights you want to be exported.

Apart from automatic export to Avinode, in this section you can also send flights manually by clicking on 'Export now' button.


Avinode will get schedule from Leon if the below conditions are met:

Mapping activity types in Avinode
  1. The aircraft needs to be active in Avinode Marketplace with the status: Fully Active.
  2. An API connection needs to be set up in the Avinode Marketplace for the company marketing the aircraft in the Avinode Marketplace. This company is usually the operator, but it can also be a different company (i.e. not the operator holding the AOC for the aircraft) marketing the aircraft. API Connections can only be set up by Avinode staff and is usually done by product specialists ( upon request from the company marketing the aircraft.
  3. The aircraft must be configured in the Avinode Marketplace to receive automatic schedule updates (i.e. Aircraft Schedule Update Type = Integrated). This can only be configured by Avinode staff and is usually done by our product specialists (
  4. The company marketing the aircraft should have Activity Type Mappings configured in their Avinode Marketplace account. These mappings are configured on a company level and are important for Avinode to be able to interpret the different type of schedule activities sent by the uploading software. Users at the company can also view, create and edit these mappings (if the user has been set up with the permission to do this). The page for this is available by navigating to Schedule - Activity types in the main menu in the online Avinode Marketplace interface. If no Activity Type Mappings are configured, the upload call will still succeed (without warnings). A mapping will be automatically created for each activity type in the uploaded data. Each type mapping created this way will have Display color = Black, and the aircraft will by default be considered as Occupied during these activities. An activity displaying with the color black should be an indication to the user that they need to configure the Activity Type Mappings.


Here you can set up an automatic Avinode quotations download by ticking the Download quotation automatically checkbox. Once ticked, Leon will download quotations every 15 minutes.

Avinode Download

Calendar list of quotations downloaded from Avinode or added in Leon

All quotes are visible in Sales > Calendar screen - set your filter from 'trips' to 'quotation' to view them. Once you click the Avinode Download button, all the newly submitted quote-requests will appear in the system with a green background (see also chapter Quotations).

When hovering the mouse over the quoted flight, a pop-up window will appear with the basic information: quotation number, route with STD & STA times and total price. You can get full information by clicking on the quotation itself and when the window shows up, going to the tab 'Quotation'.

If the quotation is downloaded from Avinode, there will be an extra tab 'Avinode quote', in which you will get pricing total amount and its details (see below). Additional information is who requested the quotation and what company.

Avinode quote.png

On the right, you can generate and submit your own quotation (or, if the price list is defined, it will be generated automatically). Once you accept the quote it will change its background to white. You can also decline the quote by clicking on the icon 'Decline Quote'.

If the quotations is confirmed, you can change the status to 'Flight' - the quotation now will appear in the Calendar view under 'trips'.

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