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This section offers you useful options that can be used in contacting with clients or brokers you deal with.

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Flight Brief
  • 'Att' field as clients from database - when ticked, field 'Att' will become a drop-down box of clients - related with sending 'Flight Brief' or 'Charter Agreement' (see below).
  • Sending quotations to Avinode options - add this option to send quotations from Leon to Avinode (visit section Quotations for more information).
  • Send messages about aircraft movements to clients - tick box 'Enable' so that you can start using this option. For more details please see Flight Watch.
  • Flight Brief - fill in email fields along with the content, which will be used when sending out 'Flight Brief'.
  • Charter Agreement - this document can be added optionally by Leon Software - if you wish to have it, please contact

To send 'Flight Brief' to the client, please go to Planned Flights and after editing the flight, go to tab Docs, where you will find a 'Flight Brief' window. This is where email details with email content, previously added in 'Quotations' section, can be found.

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