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 +====== Quotations ======
 +This section offers you useful options that can be used in contacting with clients or brokers you deal with.
 +[{{ :​leon:​admin-operator-settings:​flight brief details.png?​200|Flight Brief}}]
 +  * **'​Att'​ field as clients from database** - when ticked, field '​Att'​ will become a drop-down box of clients - related with sending '​Flight Brief' or '​Charter Agreement'​ (see below).
 +  * **Sending quotations to Avinode options** - add this option to send quotations from Leon to Avinode (visit section [[leon:​quotations|Quotations]] for more information).
 +  * **Send messages about aircraft movements to clients** - tick box '​Enable'​ so that you can start using this option. For more details please see [[leon:​flight-watch|Flight Watch]].
 +  * **Flight Brief** - fill in email fields along with the content, which will be used when sending out '​Flight Brief'​.
 +  * **Charter Agreement** - this document can be added optionally by Leon Software - if you wish to have it, please contact [[]]
 +To send '​Flight Brief' to the client, please go to [[leon:​edit-flight-sales|Planned Flights]] and after editing the flight, go to tab **Docs**, where you will find a '​Flight Brief' window. This is where email details with email content, previously added in '​Quotations'​ section, can be found.
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