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SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual) is the official set of standards, guiding the industry with recommended practices, messaging formats and data processing procedures that are to be used by all IATA member airlines and their business partners for the exchange of airline schedules, communication of airport coordination information and minimum connect time data.

SSIM panel in Leon allows to send ASM (Adhoc Scheduled Message) messages to DCS (Departure Control System) & PSS (Passenger Service System) from a section OPS. Additionally, it is possible to send ASM messages automatically to the Cargo Management System.


SSIM main page

The 1st step to make it work is setting up the main SSIM configuration page (see screenshot on the right).

In a field Send flights add the number of days for which Leon should send messages (i.e. 10, 20 30, etc…).

Below, mark flight ICAO Type and Trip types which should be included in sending ASM/DCS messages.

The right-hand part of the page should be filled in with such details, as:

  • Send SSIM/SSM/ASM automatically - select a screnario from the list.

  • To email/From email - insert default email addresses.
  • FTP/FTPS - mark appropriate protocol type.
  • FTP Host/Port/Usernam/Passwors - add your FTP server details.

When scenario SSM & ASM is selected Leon will:

  1. Send SSM message for a new flight which STD is later than 24h from current time.
  2. Send SSM message for flight update.
  3. Send ASM message if the STD of the flight is within 24h. Once ASM message has already been sent, Leon will send another ASM message, if any changes have been made to the flight.


The 2nd step is sending ASM messages to DCS, PSS & CMS systems from the checklist section of the panel OPS.

Each operator has 2 checklist items DCS & PSS available in the Settings > Flight Editing > OPS Checklist Items section. The items are not marked, so either need to be marked to appear on each single flight, or added from 'ADD ITEM' panel of the checklist in OPS section. Once added, they will appear with the SEND button.

Sending AMS messages to DCS & PSS

By clicking SEND button for DCS or PSS item, Leon shows a new pop-up window, which shows pre-defined message. Leon shows 3 types of messages in formats as on screenshots below (formats are the same for DCS & PSS systems). If no default email address has been added in Settings > SSIM, Leon will show a warning information: “DCS/PSS or 'From' email is not set”.

1. NEW - Insertion of New Flight Information - displayed when sending ASM message for the new flight.

2. RPL - Replacement of Exisitng Flight Information - displayed when re-sending ASM message to DCS.

3. CNL - Cancellation - displayed when a flight has been deleted.

Once ASM message has been sent out, Leon will change the checklist item's status automatically to 'Sent'. If the schedule was changed or a flight has been deleted, the DCS or PSS item's status will turn to '?'

SSIM files auto-sending

It is possible to set up an auto-sending of SSIM files to DCS,PSS and/or CMS after each schedule change of the published flights, in a panel SCHED.

In a section SSIM of Settings panel there are 2 checkboxes: 'Send SSIM automatically' & 'Send ASM automatically', which need to be marked for auto-sending of files.

There are details which need to be added to Leon to make it work:

  • Operator IATA code - defined in General Settings.
  • Aircraft IATA code - defined by Leon Support Team.
  • Virtual aircraft IATA code - defined by Leon Support Team.
  • Passenger Reservations Booking Designator (PRBD) - defined in an aircraft profile, tab Sales and in Virtual aircraft profile.

If any of the above details are missing, Leon will show a warning:

If all is set up correctly and the schedule was changed in a section SCHED (Aircraft, Flight number, STD, STA, ADEP/ADES), Leon will automatically send updated SSIM file to DCS, PSS and/or CMS.

If something has not been configured correctly, Leon will send a warning in SCHED panel and an email defined in SSIM configuration ('From email') with the explanation, what exactly needs to be corrected (see example below).

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