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W & B

Weight & Balance functionality is optional and involves an one-off additional charge per a tail, which depends on the aircraft type. In order to set up Weight and Balance for an aircraft you need to contact and send Aircraft Flight Manual or Weight and Balance Report.
Weight & Balance - pdf file available in Leon

The Weight & Balance panel allows you to manually adjust details. You can edit particular fields and adjust values.

The section W&B is divided into several parts:

  • CONFIGURATION - showing MTOW value.
  • Fuel - fuel weight for Block, Taxi and Trip.
  • Passengers - the weight of pax in particular seats.
  • Crew & Pantry - crew & pantry weight.
  • Baggage - baggage weight (i.e. tailcone and cabin baggage).
  • Result - showing %mac and weight values for: crew & amp pantry, payload, empty aircraft, fuel weight, etc…


Next to Result section you there is 'PREVIEW' link which shows pdf with details of Aircraft Stations, Calculations along with the envelope.

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