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Adding duties based on Work Plans

Creating Work Plans

To create Work Plan, go to Settings > Duties Setup, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and click “New work plan”. A new pop-up window will appear, allowing you to create Work Plan for your crew members.

Work Plan constitutes a standard pattern, which can be later used in Crew Calendar, to create a crew roster for a specified time period.

While adding duties for a specified time period using the Work Plan in Crew Calendar, the period will be filled with a repeatable pattern defined in the Work Plan. Duties will be inserted in order selected in the Work Plan.

The Work Plan editing window contains the following details:

The exmaple of a simple Work Plan definition
  • Label - name of the Work Plan
  • Definition - duty definition to be included in the Work Plan
  • Day count - number of duty days included in the planning
  • Home Base - checkbox allowing selecting the Home Base as a place of duty rather than the 'Airport'
  • Airport - airport of duty, if different from the 'Home Base'
  • Start time / End time - selecting the timeframes of the duty in UTC

Adding Work Plan duties

“Add work plan duty” pop-up window

To add the duties based on the Work Plan, go to the Crew Calendar, right-click one of the cells, select “Add Work Plan duty” and click one of the Work Plans visible in the sub-menu.

In the new pop-up window, specify the time period for which you are going to add the duties, select the aircraft and Auto Roster function.

After clicking “Add”, the crew member's roster for the selected period will be filled with duties based on the Work Plan used.

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