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Work Schedule

Work Schedule section can be used by both OPS as well as Crew to view assigned duties - past, current and future ones.

The screen shows assigned flights, positionings, office duties, standby duties, trainings - including duties added in Crew Duties section, such as: holiday, day off, sick, etc…

In the filter you need to select a person and a period of time. Additionally, you can set times to be displayed in UTC, Base LT (defined in Crew profile) or LT (local time of ADEP & ADES). You can also show aircraft registration right below aircraft type or show crew on PAD position.

Work Schedule - a spreadsheet with all assigned flights, positionings and roster duties to selected crew member

The screen shows data such as:

  • Crew code/name & period of time - on top of the page
  • Day of the week
  • Aircraft type/registration
  • Check In - reporting time before duty
  • Duty description - duty type, schedule, airport codes
  • Check Out - reporting time after duty
  • Function - CPT, FO, etc…
  • Crew - all assigned crew codes
  • Block/CMT - block time/commercial time (which can be inserted to the Journey Log) - an option to view CMT in decimal is available to be switched on in the filter.

At the bottom you can find summary of the block time done by a particular crew member:

The screen can be exported to PDF file, but it is also possible to click on All to PDF in the filter - it means that all crew members would get exported to PDF.

This document (pdf) can be sent out to crew when roster changes have been added (alongside a regular email with roster changes), in either Crew Duties or Crew Panel sections, as long as in Settings > Duties Setup panel a checkbox 'Include Work Schedule in crew duties notifications' is marked.
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