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Before you can start using Leon on your Android, you need to install it from Google Play. Search for Leon Android application logo

Once your application has been downloaded, click on the icon and open the application the log in screen will appear.

Click on the particular day on the screen to view duty details. If you have been assigned to a new flight in Leon, you will see an aircraft icon in the bottom-left corner. If a duty was added from Crew Duties table, then a symbol of the duty-type will be visible in the bottom-right corner (see the screenshot below).

  • Flight duty

The meaning of markings on each calendar day are as follows:

1 - day number

2 - duty symbol/colour - duty colour represents the one defined in CDR Definition section.

3 - aircraft symbol - appears if the logged-in user is scheduled as a crew member for any flight on that day, according to the filter settings.

4 - colour of the strip - reflects the kind of fleet activity on that day - it's top priority information. If there is any single confirmed flight for selected fleet, the strip will be light yellow. If there are no confirmed flights but at least one option for a flight, the strip will be light green. The same logic applies to the following colours: maintenance not confirmed (light red), confirmed (red), aircraft reserved by sales (orange), aircraft blocked as no crew available (purple). All the colours are exactly the same as in Leon 'Planned Flights' view.

The current day on the screen has a dark-grey background and the day-number is in white:

The currently displayed day has a blue background:

When a particular duty has been assigned in Crew Duties table, only the duty symbol is displaied (e.g. O, S, T).

Right below the calendar, when clicking on a particular day, you can see details as follows:

  • flight number
  • schedule times
  • destination airport & arrival airport codes
  • aircraft registration
  • crew codes
  • number of passengers
Flights performed more than 6 weeks from the present day are not available in the mobile application

When editing 'Legs Info' belt (if you have been given privileges to display it), the application displaies exactly the same information as it was previously inserted to Leon by your OPS dept.

You can also view notes inserted into a particular 'Legs Info' section, i.e. 'Catering'.

Or check passengers details, when they have been added to 'Legs Info > Pax' section.

Scheduled maintenance is being displayed with a red belt. Below the calendar there will be information about the time & date, airport and aircraft registration. When clicking on it, you can see a description of the scheduled maintenance added previously in Maintenance > Scheduled Maintenance > Edit Scheduled Maintenance section. Maintenance option will appear in pink - the same way it does in 'Planned Flights' section.

Aircraft reservation previously added in Planned Flights screen (when clicking on the icon) appears with an orange belt. When editing it, the information added in the field 'Notes' shows up on the screen.

When clicking the icon the application shows a new screen, where you can decide what fleet should be visible on the screen - flights on unticked aircraft will not get dislplayed. Also, you can select the option 'Show only my flights - only flights you've been assigned to will appear on the screen.

Click on the to get a possibility of the following options:

  • Refresh - the screen will get refreshed, bringing all changes done between last refreshing of the screen.
  • Help - includes a short description of the symbols, icons and colours used in the application.
  • Reset user data - by selecting this option you can reset the data. Please note, that all stored times and duties data will be deleted.
  • Logout - select to log out of the application.
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