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 We have added a new colour of the '​Handling Requests'​ button - **ORANGE** - in the 'Legs Info' section. We have added a new colour of the '​Handling Requests'​ button - **ORANGE** - in the 'Legs Info' section.
 +If there are any important changes done in the flight, such as: Time change, Date change, Aircraft change, Destination/​Departure change - the colour of the HR button will turn to red: {{:​updates:​HR button.png?​nolink&​100|}} and also the handling agents statuses will become: {{:​updates:​znak zapytania.png?​nolink&​55|}}. All the other changes, such as: Crew change, Pax change, etc… will make the colour of the HR button turn to orange: {{:​updates:​HR orange.png?​nolink&​100|}} However, in this case, handling agents statuses will still remain: {{:​updates:​znak zapytania.png?​nolink&​55|}} as the HR file needs to be re-send.
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