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 +====== Airport Charges ======
 +[{{ :​leon:​integrations:​Airport Charges.png?​200|Airport Charges integration panel}}]
 +The AirportCharges platform simplifies an otherwise lengthy and complex research task - to find and calculate landing fees, passenger charges and taxes for a turnaround at almost any airport or country in the world.
 +Whether you're looking for a central document library for airport and country charges, an intuitive online analysis system for benchmarking and scenario planning, or a pre-calculated data feed for your finance systems, you'll find a solution to fit your requirements.
 +For more information please visit [[http://​|Airport Charges website]]
 +[{{ :​leon:​integrations:​Airport Charges - API portal.png?​200|API PORTAL section in MyRDC}}]
 +**How to integrate**
 +In order to integrate you have to have an active account with RDC Aviation.
 +The integration process is as follow:
 +   - Log in to your [[https://​|MyRDC]] account
 +   - In '​MyRDC'​ go to **API PORTAL** > **Authorisation token** section, click on **GENERATE NEW TOKEN** button and then **COPY** this token
 +   - Go to '​Add-ons'​ > '​Airport Charges'​ integration section
 +   - In the '​Configuration'​ tab switch the status to '​ON',​ paste the 'API Token' from '​MyRDC'​ and '​SAVE'​ changes
 +If you don't have the account with RDC Aviation, you can inquire via [[https://​​more/​|this link]]
 +**How it works**
 +Once the integration is active you will see additional '​Airport Charges'​ tab when you edit the trip in the [[leon:​sales|Requests/​Quotes]] section. This tab will include the airport charges for the airports on the selected routes. More information about the tab can be found [[leon:​sales|here]].
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