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 +When editing **Control Tower Hours** field you can use **two input formats**:
 +  * **Standard HH:MM format**
 +  * **Sunrise/​Sunset format where SR stands for Sunrise and SS stands for Sunset**
 +**Sunset/​Sunrise format allows to input Control Tower Hours based on time (in hours-h or minutes-m) before/​after Sunset or Sunrise.**
 +**For example** if an airport opens 30 minutes after sunrise and closes 2 hours before Sunset, its opening time in **Control Tower Hours** field would be SR+30m and its closing time - SS-2h. Example of input in screenshot below
 +{{:​man:​airport-directory:​Sunset Sunrise.png?​300|}}
 +**When the flight is scheduled to take off or land outside permitted hours the folloring message will display:**
 +<​html><​span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​100%;">​Departure (Destination) airport is closed at the time of departure (arrival)</​span></​html>​
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