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-Every time you add the '​**Airport brief**'​ in the section $$OPS > Airport Directory$$ (simply **tick the checkbox** in the airport edition screen like in the screenshot below) ​ 
-{{:​updates:​apt brief 1.png?​nolink|}} 
-in the main '​**Flights List**'​ screen Leon surrounds the airport with just added airport brief with the __red hash__ and crew codes are on the __pink background__. 
-{{:​updates:​apt brief 2.png?​nolink|}} 
-Right now, if there is an airport brief added to either ADEP or ADES, once the flight is added to Leon, an extra information will appear on the '​**Trip Sheet** document. ​ 
-{{:​updates:​apt brief 3.png?​nolink|}} 
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