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 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​Airport hours full edit.png?​200|Control Tower Hours}}]
 +As you can see in the screen apart from standard options of editing Tower Hours, which is inputting "​From-To"​ times and marking 24H checkbox, we have added **Closed** column with checkboxes for each day.
 +This allows you to:
 +  * **Mark airport closed** - you can do it by simply ticking the checkbox in "​Closed"​ column on a specific day
 +  * **Change hours if airport Closed** - if you untick the checkbox Leon will react with accordance to previous hour setting. Most of the time unticking "​Closed"​ checkbox will automatically tick "​24H"​ checkbox, unless Opening hours were input manually. In this case unticking "​Closed"​ checkbox will edit "​Opening hours" column where you can input opening hours. Clicking on word "​Closed"​ in "​Opening hours" column acts in the way explained above.
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