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-tba+[{{ :​manual:​flight-preparation-checklist:​Change of status.png?​300|Updating the status of handling requests without sending actual email}}] 
 +If you are **sending emails to Handling Agents from external company email and only update manually statuses in Leon**, new version of Handling Requests will automatically update to **EPPO Show History** and the status in the history section. 
 +Clicking on the **EPPO Show History** will display **There are no changes to this flight** message. **Clicking on it enables an option to send Handling email with an update.** 
 +**Updating Handling Status also updates the Airport Slots to** {{:​manual:​flight-preparation-checklist:​rqs.png?​55|}}. 
 +If one leg is **cancelled** the status will change to {{:​manual:​flight-preparation-checklist:​question mark.png?​55|}} and **New Handling section** will display **EPPO Update** information. Clicking on it will allow to send **Handling request cancellation email**. Once the **cancellation email** was sent, the status will update to {{:​manual:​flight-preparation-checklist:​RQS szary.png?​55|}}. 
 +**All the changes will update Handling Request History as shown in a screenshot below** 
 +{{:​manual:​flight-preparation-checklist:​Manual HR.png?​500|}} 
 +As you can see in the screenshot, Handling Request with teh status updated manually will have no email information and will only display a message **This email wasn't sent to an agent**. ​
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