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 +==== Copying crew between the flights ====
 +[{{ :​leon:​crew-panel:​Copy crew.png?​200|Copy crew option}}]
 +If you wish to assign **the same crew** to the next sector or series of sectors, it is possible to copy the crew by left clicking on the flight from which the crew should be copied. Then select **Copy Crew** or use shortcut **C** and select the next sector/​sectors to which the crew should be copied and select **Paste Crew** or use shortcut **V**. ​
 +In order to copy crew to **more than one sector** it is necessary to hold **Shift** or **Ctrl** key while selecting the sectors to which the crew should be copied. ​
 +Once this is done the Assign flight crew pop-up window will appear with the entire crew already selected. At this point it is possible to deselect some of the crew members. ​
 +<​box>​**It is impossible to copy crew to two different aircraft types, Leon will flash a red warning "​Cannot paste to flights with different aircraft types"​.**</​box>​
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