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   - **Autocomplete in 'ADD DUTY'​**   - **Autocomplete in 'ADD DUTY'​**
 +[{{ :​leon:​crew-panel:​Assign Crew 4.png?​200|'​OFF'​ duty Crew positioning}}]
 +__**1. The positioning of OFF Duty crew**__
 +The crew assigned to '​OFF'​ Duty will now be listed as last available in the '​Assign Crew' window.
-__**1Positioning of OFF Duty crew**__+__**2'Show Request'​ filtering option**__
 +We added option **'​Requests (shortcut key r)'** in the {{:​leon:​schedule:​display options icon.png?​nolink|Show}} filter (located in the top-right corner of the Crew Panel).
-__**2. 'Show Request'​ filtering ​option**__ +This option ​allows viewing/​removing crew Duty Requests from the Crew Panel.
 __**3. Simulator notes in Status Bar**__ __**3. Simulator notes in Status Bar**__
 +If there are notes added on the '​Simulator'​ will now display in the bottom Status Bar. 
 +[{{ :​leon:​crew-panel:​FTL3.png?​200|'​FTL+'​ option in FTL Details in Crew Panel}}]
 __**4. FDP+ checkbox in 'FTL Details'​**__ __**4. FDP+ checkbox in 'FTL Details'​**__
 +We have added an option to extend max FDP in the 'FTL Details'​ window, as per screenshot.  ​
 +The FDP+ checkbox is displayed when FDP extension rules apply. If an extension requires planning, '​FDP+'​ will only display when extension has been planned.
 __**5. Autocomplete in 'ADD DUTY'​**__ __**5. Autocomplete in 'ADD DUTY'​**__
 +This is a very simple function which suggests the duty when you start typing the name in '​Duty'​ space in the 'ADD Duty' window.
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