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 +===== Custom airfields =====
 +[{{ :​leon:​custom-airfields:​main-screen.png?​170|Adding a custom airfield to Leon}}]
 +If you are a Leon user with **admin** privileges you can manually add **custom airfields** to Leon.
 +Click section Handling > Custom airports and then the link 'Click here to add new airport or airfield'​ to add a new entrance. All fields must be filled in as described below.
 +  * **Custom airport name** - 5-digit code - letters or/and numbers (airfield'​s ICAO code)
 +  * **Name** - airfield'​s name (if not know, enter its location)
 +  * **City** - nearest city name
 +  * **Latitude** - inserted in the format DD-MM.SS
 +  * **Longitude** - inserted in the format DDD-MM.SS
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