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 +====== Documents Manager ======
 +**Documents Manager** panel allows making changes in documents, such as Flight Order and Flight Brief. Right now changes can only be done in Leon default template of the **Flight Brief**. In the future also custom templates will be able to be modified. Also, other documents (Flight Order, Trip Sheet, Pax Info, Charter Contract) will be successively added to this panel
 +===== Main page =====
 +[{{ :​leon:​documents-manager:​main-screen.jpg?​200|Documents Manager main page}}]
 +The main page shows 3 filtering options: by document type, language and publishing status, as well as 5 columns: ​
 +  * **Documents** - saved versions of Flight Brief. ​
 +  * **Language**
 +  * **Published** - the status of the documents, whether they have been published, or not. Click on the white dot if you want to publish saved version - the dot will become green.
 +  * **Last modified** - the date of the latest modification.
 +  * **Action** - once the document has been uploaded you can hover the mouse to see available options:
 +  -{{:​leon:​documents-manager:​icon 2.jpg|}} - the edition of the document
 +  -{{:​leon:​documents-manager:​icon 3.jpg|}} - saving the copy of the modified document
 +  -{{:​leon:​documents-manager:​icon 4.jpg|}} - deleting saved document
 +  -{{:​leon:​documents-manager:​icon 5.jpg|}} - viewing of the document
 +===== Managing documents =====
 +[{{ :​leon:​documents-manager:​doc edition.jpg?​200|Documents Manager - Body of the document}}]
 +In order to start managing your documents you need to first **upload** them into Documents Manager panel. Click {{:​leon:​documents-manager:​icon 1.jpg|}} icon, select the document and insert the version number. Once it's saved Leon will move you straight to the document'​s **edition page**, where you can start making changes.
 +There are **4** sections in the document'​s edition page:
 +  - HEADER - here you can insert document'​s header.
 +  - BODY - you can add or modify here tables, columns, text displayed, etc...
 +  - FOOTER - insert footer text which will appear at the bottom of the document.
 +  - CSS - modify here the font, tables width, borders or logo.
 +Use buttons at the left-bottom of the screen to save changes, save document'​s version, preview modifications before saving them or cancel changes you made.
 +There is a filter available (pin it up in top-right corner) showing further options: uploading files or modifying margins and page orientation.
 +<​box>​**If you don't have IT experience, we advise you contact your IT team to help you in modifying documents**</​box>​
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