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-====== New functionalities ====== 
-It is possible to attach **extra pdf files** to existing documents in Leon. If, for example, Flight Order needs to have attached an extra page for pilots with towing instructions,​ you can attach it by uploading pdf file into Documents Manager panel (edit the document and use right-hand filter, tab FILES) and by adding below HTML code at the bottom of the '​BODY'​ HTML code: 
-{% pdf "​towing_instructions.pdf"​ %}  
-where '​towing_instructions'​ is the name of the pdf document. 
-===Showing a map on documents=== 
-[{{ :​leon:​documents-manager:​map on docs.png?​150|Showing a map in documents}}] 
-It is also possible to **show a map** in particular documents. ​ In order to do that you need to insert the below code: 
-{{:​leon:​documents-manager:​map code.png|}} 
-You can define **width** and **height** as you wish, as well as the** colour of lines** on the map (see screenshot). 
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