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 +[{{ :​leon:​duties-setup:​DS AOC.png?​200|'​AOC definition'​ option in Duties Setup}}]
 ====== AOC in Duties Setup ====== ====== AOC in Duties Setup ======
-[{{ :​leon:​duties-setup:​DS ​AOC.png?​200|Defining a new duty in a section Duties Setup}}]+For Operators with more than one AOC set up in Leon, it is now possible to select specific AOC when creating or updating the duty. 
 +**'AOC definition'​** dropdown is activated by ticking the **'​AOC'​ checkbox**. 
 +Once the relevant AOC is chosen, this particular ​duty will be calculated according to this AOC regulation set up in FTL Settings. 
 +Also, chosen AOC will display in '​AOC'​ column in FTL Sheet/FTL Violation reports. 
 +<​box>​**Changing duties definition will not over-write already added duties - it will apply to new inputs only. Existing duties need to be deleted and re-added**</​box>​ 
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