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Before this implementation Leon would update FTL calculations only when a Journey Log was added to the system.

But sometimes OPS would not be able to add a 'Journey Log' data straight away. They still need to see if FTL after the last performed flight would affect the next duty.

Flight Watch data updating FTL in Leon

Leon will update FTL displaying in the Flights List when Flight Watch data is added to Leon. So you don't need to fill in Journey Log to check if FDP or Duty times have been exceeded.

The example below shows the situation, where scheduled FDP does not exceed Max FDP.

tab fdp.png

Then FW data is added to Leon which updates FDP* from the scheduled one to the one that has been performed (see screenshot on the right). Crew codes get highlighted** in red. Click on any code to see FTL details.

FW FDP.png

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