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 +====== Commanders Discretion update ======
 +We have introduced the new way to calculating and displaying Max FDP and warnings when the Commanders Discretion (CD) is used.
 +If maximum allowed FDP is exceeded, in some situations there is a possibility of using Commanders Discretion. To indicate it in Leon you simply mark '​Discretion'​ checkbox in JL.
 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​CD no violation.png?​200|CD below 1 hour default Discretion}}]
 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​CD violation.png?​200|CD over 1 hour default Discretion}}]
 +We have implemented following changes to Commanders Discretion:
 +  - '​Discretion'​ timeframe has been set to 1 hour by default
 +  - Using '​Discretion'​ checkbox automatically extends Max FDP by 1h. This is explained in the tooltip when hovering the mouse over teh Max FDP value in the FTL reports
 +  - CD below 1 hour will not be highlighted as a violation in the FTL reports but it will show in the **FTL violations** report (not highlighted).
 +  - CD below 1 hour will not be highlighted in the SCHEDULE view and FTL Calculations section in CREW tab
 +  - CD over 1 hour will be highlighted red in the FTL reports and CD column will indicate max allowed Discretion (1 hour) rather than the actual Discretion
 +<​box>​**It is possible to apply the previous version of '​Commanders Discretion'​ functionality where it was considered as a violation. For more information please contact Leon Support at [[]].**</​box>​
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