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From the 1st of August we have introduced an important change to Leon - we have replaced 'operation' with 'trip' and we have removed the option 'Split/Merge'. Now Sales dept can add entire trip regardless if it's during one day or more. Then OPS dept do not have to split or merge it.

The main reasons why we have done it were:

  • 1 - this update will make easier for the Sales depts to enter trips (now they can add multiple legs on different days).
  • 2 - OPS dept does not need to split or merge the trip in order to sort it on the flights list screen or to print documents.
  • 3 - this will allow us to introduce a new Sales module in new version of Leon.
  • 4 - to normalise both applications: current and the new one.

Generally, the 'Split/Merge' feature was a sort of stiltedly option to “correct” further OPS dept actions in Leon, such as printing documents not for the entire trip but for a particular flight (if i.e. the flight was for a different client).

In the 'Flights List' filter there is no need to filter flights by operations or legs. From now on you can select in the filter one of three options:

  • None - flights are not grouped, they are displayed chronologically.

no grouping.png

  • A/C Reg - grouping flights by the aircraft registration (on the particular day next to each other - it's easy to mark for what flight you want to print documents).

grouping acft reg.png

  • Trips - all flights appear in the 'Flights List' grouped by the same Trip No., even if they have been scheduled on different days.

grouping trips.png

We have also disabled generating 'Flight Order' by clicking the trip number (Flights List > column 'Trip No.') - so that printing documents is only possible by marking checkboxes and right-clicking the mouse (for more info please read here).

In 'Planned Flights' screen the 'Quote number will be changed into Trip number and the 'Offer number' will get removed - we will inform about this change in advance.

In case you need further explanation of the above changes, please contact - we will contact you via Skype to answer all questions.
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