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-When you add **passengers details** to Leon in the section $$Legs Info$$ ​and instead of names add just a number. ​+When you add **passengers details** to Leon in the section $$Legs Info$$ ​you can add just a number ​of passengers and send a handling requests email.
 {{:​updates:​pax info on HR 1.png|}} {{:​updates:​pax info on HR 1.png|}}
-In the new **Handing Requests** feature pax information will be displayed as **TBA**.+In the new **Handing Requests** feature pax information ​'to be announced' ​will be displayed as **TBA**.
 {{:​updates:​pax info on HR 2.png|}} {{:​updates:​pax info on HR 2.png|}}
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