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It is possible now to set the approval date of the handling agents or FBOs in Leon. Leon will send an email notification at 00:00 every day to the inserted email address, if the expiry date has passed.

Go to the section Admin > Operator Settings > General and at the bottom insert & update 1 or more email address in the field If the approval date of handlers/fbos has expired, send email to:

Now go to OPS > Airport Directory, enter the airport code and edit it. In the section FBO or Handling click in the field next to 'Not approved' - a calendar will show up where you need to set the approval date and click 'Approve'.

approved handlers 1.png

When you add a new flight to a particular ADEP/ADES and the selected handler (either by default if marked as favourite, or manually) has the approval expiry date set, in 'Legs Info > Handling section you can see (approved) next to the handling agent's name.

approved handlers 2.png

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