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Integrations with Marketplaces

Marketplace integration panel

It is now possible to integrate with Marketplaces in Settings > Integrations panel, rather than requesting such integration via Leon Support.

The list of available Marketplaces includesAviMall, Charterpad, ExecFlyer, FlightPartner, HelloJet, JetClass, JetHunter, JetSmarter, Jettly, Jettogether, Migacore, OneSky, Privatefly, Returnjet, StrataJet and Victor.

How to integrate

The integration process is quite simple:

  1. Go to 'Configuration' tab
  2. Switch 'Status' to ON
  3. Choose the Aircraft registrations you would like to forward the data for
  4. Choose 'Services' you would like to use:
    • 'Full schedule' - full Schedule forwarded including Flights (PAX, zero-PAX and empty legs), Reservations and Maintenances
    • 'Availability' - information on future aircraft availability and flights that are marked as 'empty'
    • 'Empty legs' - forwards only empty legs to a Marketplace
  5. Click 'SAVE' to save changes

Leon will start sending the relevant data to the Marketplace immediately after saving the settings.

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