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 +===== Avinode =====
 +[{{ :​leon:​updates:​Avinode.png?​200|Avinode integration panel}}]
 +Avinode is the world’s largest online Marketplace for buying and selling private air charter.
 +The integration allows exporting aircraft availability and empty legs to Avinode.
 +**Importing** quotations from Avinode is still set up from [[leon:​schedule-export|Schedule Export and Import]] section.
 +**How to integrate**
 +Before enabling this option you need to contact [[]] and request a special Authorization key.
 +Once you have it, switch the Status to ON and insert the Authorization key provided by Avinode. It is a different credentials to the ones you use to log in to Avinode software.
 +In the configuration section you can also choose additional settings:
 +  * **Send Options** – Non-confirmed flights (Options) will also be exported to Avinode
 +  * **Send only continuous availability from aircraft home base** – sends aircraft availability only when the aircraft is located/​repositioned to Home Base
 +  * **Reposition aircraft to homebase after [h]** - figure in this field indicates how many hours Aircraft will be visible at Home Base in Avinode
 +More information about exporting flights to Avinode can be found [[leon:​schedule-export|here]]
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