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 +====== ETA UPDATE MVT to client ======
 +One of the possibilities,​ when creating different MVT rules for aircraft, is **ETA UPDATE MVT** email, which can be sent to a client assigned on the next trip informing him about estimated time of arrival of the aircraft (whether it is a ferry leg or a trip for a different client).
 +2 trips are added on the same aircraft:
 +{{:​leon:​schedule:​Eta update mvt.jpg|}}
 +If a Flight Watch on the **first flight** is filled in with T/O time (indication '​A'​ displayed), Leon will send a MVT Take Off email to the recipient of the Take Off rule, as well as the ETA UPDATE MVT email to the 2nd leg client. Example of the ETA UPDATE rule & email below:
 +   Dear Sirs
 +   We wish to inform you that the aircraft B-ARTI on flight to Geneva International (GVA) has taken off at 1248 (1448 Local time). ​
 +   The aircraft is scheduled to arrive at 1501 (1701 Local time).
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