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-In the section $$OPS > Fleet Edit$$ you can add **notes** related to the particular aircraft (i.e. aircraft owner contact details, preffered FBO, etc...) which appear in 'Legs Info' main page (top-right corner). 
-Now it is also possible to add these notes on te '​**Trip Sheet**'​ document. 
-Edit your aircraft in $$OPS > Fleet$$ section, add notes in the column '​**Notes**'​ and tick the checkbox '**Add aircraft notes on tripsheet**'​. 
-{{:​updates:​fleet notes on trip sheet 1.png?​nolink|}} 
-When you view the '​**Trip Sheet**'​ for the flight on that particular aircraft, **notes get displayed** in the section '​**ARCRAFT NOTES**'​. 
-{{:​updates:​fleet notes on trip sheet 2.png?​nolink|}} 
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